Biometric Standards

Biometric Standards
Many new secure ID system implementations are using both biometrics and smart cards to improve the security and privacy of an ID system.
ANSI-INCITS 358-2002
ANSI-INCITS 358-2002, BioAPI Specification – (ISO/IEC 19784-1). BioAPI is intended to provide a high-level generic biometric authentication model-one suited for any form of biometric technology.

Smart Card Standards

Primarily, smart card standards govern physical properties, communication characteristics, and application identifiers of the embedded chip and data. Almost all standards refer to the ISO 7816-1,2 & 3 as a base reference.
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
The ISO facilitates the creation of voluntary standards through a process that is open to all parties.

Chip Cards: What to Know about the Checkout Experience

Around the world, EMV, or chip cards, are the standard for secure point-of-sale (POS) transactions. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, chip cards are very difficult to counterfeit because of an embedded microchip that exchanges unique, dynamic data with a terminal each time it’s used. To encourage the timely adoption of EMV, the leading payment networks have…

Put the bank card down and pay with your body

Wearables aren’t just for showing smartphone notifications and tracking your fitness (or lack of it): a growing number of them are adding contactless payments to the mix. Enabling you to save time and stop fumbling in your wallet for the right bank card, contactless payments are quickly gaining pace. The technology is tested and easy…

Improving Automation in Manufacturing Using RFID

On Dec. 1, 1913, Henry Ford put the first assembly line in motion, thereby creating industrial automation. Today, RFID technology controls automation in many production processes, such as those in logistics, industry and commerce. An RFID reader can identify a transponder-tagger component located on any number of devices, verifying their originality and ensuring they’re installed…


In 2015, CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS, the world leading trade show for Secure Solutions in Payment, Identification and Mobility, is changing its name. CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS was founded 30 years ago in order to promote a technology that had just been created: the chip card. Since, the world has changed. Multiple new technologies have emerged and,…