Product details

Fongwah provide the contact card which compliance to the standard of ISO7816,T=0,T=1,and which can provide identification, authentication, data storage and application processing.

Contact smart cards have a contact area of approximately 1 square centimetre (0.16 sq in), comprising several gold-plated contact pads. These pads provide electrical connectivity when inserted into a reader, which is used as a communications medium between the smart card and a host (e.g., a computer, a point of sale terminal) or a mobile telephone. Cards do not contain batteries; power is supplied by the card reader.

Smart cards may provide strong security authentication for single sign-on (SSO) within large organizations.

Basic information

Product code:Contact IC card

Category:Smart card

Typical application
  • Event management,Loyalty,

  • Gym membership ID band,Promotion

  • Access Control,Loyalty Payment

  • Road tolling, Highly secure access management