Product details

RFID label consists of an adhesive label that is embedded with an ultra-thin RFID transponder “inlay” (the tag IC plus printed antenna). Smart labels combine the read range and unattended processing capability of RFID with the convenience and flexibility of on-demand label printing. Smart labels also can be pre-printed and pre-coded for use. Inon-demand applications, the tag inlay can be encoded with fixed or variable data and tested before the label is printed, while the label can contain allthe bar codes, text, and graphics used in established applications. Smart labels are called “smart” because of the flexible capabilities provided by the silicon chip embedded in the tag inlay. A read/write smart label also can be programmed and reprogrammed in use, following initial coding during the label production process.

Basic information

Product code:NFC/RFID label

Classify:IC card

Typical application
  • Identity verification,Public transportation

  • Industrial and commercial tax,

  • Workshop, jewelry